$650.00 up front

Included FHWA fees & Permanent Process Agent (No annual fee)

Set Up

State account set up fee—$60.00 (one time)

Fuel Tax

Single Unit————–$30.00 per month

2 to 5 units————-$20.00 per month per unt

6 to 10 units———–Integrated down to $12.00 per unit per month

10 or more units—–$12.00 per month per unit

Includes IFTA Quarterly Reports, Mile Tax Reports, IFTA, UCR, & Heavy Highway Use Tax Registration, State Permits and tag papers.

Adding Truck on to Fleet

Tags registering with mile tax states, IFTA stickers, etc—–$25.00

Calculating miles using stop to stop trip sheet

$3.50 per month per unit

Driver Log Service

$15.00 per unit per month–reports figured as we received.

(Extra charge for customer request to re-do reports)

Tennessee Intrastate Authority

$275.00 plus $8.00 per truck for stickers

Includes DOT number, authority, and process agent.

(Other states may vary)

Ad Volarem

Calculating and sending in form——-$25.00


Tags with account set up——$40.00

Tags with new account———$50.00